There are a lot of factors like location, fees, and atmosphere, to keep in mind when looking for a new apartment. Pet owners know how important it is to find a place that works for both you and your pet before the big move. Before signing any paperwork however, you should ask these five important questions:

Are there breed or size restrictions?

Some apartments are allowed to ban certain “aggressive” dog breeds. This is usually determined by insurance company policies, which detail the breeds they consider to be a liability risk. Some places don’t want to single out specific breeds, so they’ll ban pets based on weight.

Do you require a pet deposit?

If the apartment complex does allow pets, you might have to pay a pet deposit. This is like a security deposit with the goal is to cover any potential damages to the property caused by your pet. It’s safe to expect something between $100 to $500.

What type of pest control do you use?

This is important to ask about because some pesticides and insecticides can harm your pet. You can ask if you are able to opt out of the regular pesticide spray or if you can be notified when pest control comes. This way you can make sure your pet is not on the premises while they’re spraying.

Are there specific rules I need to follow?

Your pet will have to follow certain community rules just like you do. You might need to give your pet’s medical history or prove that your dog or cat is up to date on their vaccines. You might also have to put a collar with tags on your pet and keep them on a leash while walking around the premises. 

What if I want another pet?

If you’re thinking about getting another pet, you will need to notify your landlord. If you already have a pet, your pet rent may double with a new addition, and you might need to pay another pet fee. Before you even start looking for another pet, ask your landlord about the specifics they have.

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