Every summer seems to be a little hotter than the last. With the climbing temperatures, you’re probably cranking up the AC and trying to get out of the heat. Unfortunately, that also means you might see an uptick in your energy bills. Here are some ways to beat the heat without breaking the bank:

Block out the sun

Your apartment gets hotter when you let sunlight inside. So keeping the shades down during the hottest parts of the day (around noon to 3pm) will help keep your apartment cool. You should also use light-colored curtains or blinds to reflect the sun’s rays.

Add a window film

If you don’t want to close your blinds or curtains during the day, there are still plenty of other options. Adding a window film is a great way to maintain your view outside, while also keeping the heat at bay. 

Use portable fans

A portable fan is another great way to keep cool indoors without turning the AC up all the way. Whether running on batteries or electricity, you can set up multiple fans to intersect so the air hits you from multiple directions.

Avoid hot kitchen appliances

Using ovens and stoves to cook meals can raise the temperature in your home, especially on extra hot days. Cook with a Crock-Pot or hit your favorite restaurant for dinner instead. 

Use energy efficient light bulbs

It’s no secret that your overhead light fixtures can put out a lot of excess heat into your apartment. Regular bulbs can radiate extra heat when they’re on, but energy-efficient options like LED bulbs don’t.

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