Even if you’re renting an apartment, turning it into your home is an important part of living there. While you may not be able to drastically change the layout, there are still a ton of options to help give your apartment a spark of life. Here are some great ways to make your rental more inviting:

Window treatments

Hanging curtains and blinds are a perfect way to make your rental apartment more homey. You can choose a bold pattern or your favorite color. You can also experiment with shades in different textures to bring out the room’s personality.

Decorations and art

Incorporating decorations and art into your apartment will take it from blah to attractive in no time. You hang pictures and artwork on the walls, cover the floors with a statement rug, and reimagine a plain couch with some throw pillows.

Plant life

Adding plants will also improve the look of your rental. A splash of color is a great, exciting feature and can bring the room some life. Most plants are easy to care for and the extra oxygen will help you to destress. 


Standing lamps can also bring your apartment to the next level. The same can be said for an interesting table lamp or a decorative lantern. You should also think about using light bulbs with a yellow tone instead of a blue, which is harsher on the eye.

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