When you know that your house move is approaching, a slew of concerns will undoubtedly spring to mind and cause you worry about the ahead time. Of course, one of these key questions pertains to the typical costs of relocating: how much will it cost?

The distance between your current home and the new one will have a significant impact on how deep you’ll need to dig into your wallet in order to finish the purchase.

Why do average moving costs matter?

While you may not know all the answers to your questions at the beginning of your journey, it’s important to have a general idea for your upcoming move so that:

  • you set up your moving budget the way you’re supposed to
  • you prevent any unpleasant cost-related surprises at the end of the relocation
  • you reduce the moving stress by knowing that you’re financially ready to handle the local or cross-country move ahead of you

If you want to know how much your move will cost, hire a moving company to come and inspect your property so they can give you an accurate price quote.

Average moving costs for local moves

A local move is one that begins and ends within a 100-mile radius of the origin point, with no travel outside of the state or country. Keep in mind that local movers charge by the hour if you employ them to help you. This implies

And as time defines the price, the factors that affect how much time your local move will last are:

  • the size of your house or apartment (the bigger it is, the more items there will be inside it);
  • the number of additional services to be performed (for example, packing your home by yourself or having it packed by the pros?);
  • the number of packers and movers working on your local relocation;
  • the exact distance to your new address.

On average, each hour of labor for a local move costs $60 per mover. It’s important to remember that moving is often unpredictable and circumstances may arise that will increase or decrease the cost of your projected expenses.

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